Luve Dental Clinic

Reforms of commercial premises
About this project

Luve Dental Clinic. Project and work of a dental clinic located in Salou.


La Luve Dental Clinic, located in Salou, is a comprehensive project commissioned by the client to DOMuum. This project focused on creating functional and aesthetically attractive spaces for a modern dental clinic.


They proposed to us the challenge of integrating 3 boxes, a waiting and reception area, an office, bathroom, X-ray room and a technical area. Achieving the design of spaces that maximize the functionality and comfort of patients. In addition, special attention was paid to the facilities and equipment necessary to offer a high-quality dental service.


One of the highlights of the project was the meticulous attention to detail and thorough analysis of the client's needs. This translated into the success of the project, since all the client's expectations were met. The aesthetics of the business were significantly improved through careful selection of materials and appropriate lighting, which contributed to giving it an updated and attractive look.


In summary, the Luve Dental Clinic in Salou is an example of how careful design and meticulous attention to client needs can transform a space into a functional and pleasant environment for both staff and patients.