Sectional doors and motorizations

One of the reasons why sectional doors are becoming more and more popular and used is for security. Its mechanism makes it easy to open vertically, offering support on the ceiling, therefore, it hardly takes up space. In addition, with this type of system, isolating noise and achieving a high level of thermal insulation is possible.


At DOMUUM we offer a wide variety of sectional doors, both with panels and with glass frames. In both cases, they are durable, easy-to-use doors that enlarge the space around the opening. In addition, they are adaptable to any space. Our objective is not only to achieve an optimal aesthetic result, but also to guarantee resistance, durability and safety in all our projects and installations, for this reason, we work with high-quality materials.

The motorization of the doors, not only the sectional ones, is a great factor in favor since with this the safest and most comfortable option is achieved. The motors that facilitate the opening and closing of the doors are not large, but they are powerful. Therefore, they are easy to install, unobtrusive and offer the best possible result.


We work with the most innovative technology and mechanisms to ensure that the finish of all our projects meet all needs and exceed expectations.

Selectable door renovation projects

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