Aluminum and PVC products

At DOMUUM we carry out all kinds of carpentry work with the two main materials used for window profiles: aluminum and PVC.

Thanks to the quality of our materials from the main manufacturers in the sector, we manage to achieve maximum thermal insulation, the best protection against noise and high safety and resistance.

Aluminum carpentry

Aluminum is a material widely used in various sectors due to its properties, since it offers great manufacturing freedom to create custom designs, as well as a wide variety of colors and textures to integrate into enclosures.

It is a material that hardly needs maintenance, respectful of the environment, from manufacturing to recycling, resistant to corrosion, lightweight, and also allows window or door glass to be sound, thermal, and safe insulators.

PVC joinery

PVC shares many of the characteristics of aluminium, by following an ecological manufacturing process and being 100% recyclable, being acoustic and thermal insulators, resistant to corrosion and requiring minimal maintenance. In addition, it has a low weight and offers a wide range of possibilities.


Choosing one or the other will depend on aesthetic tastes, since both materials offer excellent properties. We make our extensive knowledge of the different materials and techniques available to our clients, as well as the long experience that accompanies us and that adapts to the needs and to the different projects. DOMUUM's objective is to achieve excellence in comfort and well-being.

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