Glass curtains

Both to maintain a totally open space in homes and for any type of business, especially for catering establishments, the glass curtain is always a good choice.


Thanks to the Claroflex systems, we achieve a panoramic enclosure of great value for open spaces, by providing complete luminosity, without losing views and with a design of great aesthetics and functionality.

It is an innovative enclosure that offers a sensation of unlimited spaces and that protects the structure in general and the space from the weather, guaranteeing a reduction in noise and energy consumption.

All are advantages and facilities with glass curtains, since it is a very versatile system and adaptable to any space and shape. Obtaining a perfect integration. In addition, it is possible to configure the opening of the leaves as required, even offering a maximum opening. It allows various drive mechanisms and has an easy-to-use system to achieve light sliding.


Gaining freedom and a feeling of spaciousness is possible thanks to this innovative system, with which a pleasant and elegant aesthetic is also obtained thanks to the finishing lines.

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