terrace enclosures

One of the main advantages of enclosing a terrace is being able to have it throughout the year, but it is not the only one, since there are many uses and functions, whether in personal housing or in a business.


Some of its improvements are:

  • Use of space, sometimes reaching the point of being able to get a new room.
  • Noise reduction in the home.
  • Obtaining more privacy and security.
  • Improvement of energy efficiency and air conditioning.

The terrace enclosure is the best solution to give it its maximum performance. In addition, it is fully customizable by being able to choose between different materials, colors and types of drives, closures and features.

At DOMUUM we offer options for all tastes and we work with 100% safe materials and with locking systems that do not hinder the view to the outside or clash with the architectural design of the façade.

Terrace enclosure reform projects

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